What we do

HENNET achieves its mandate by carrying out various activities that include: Coordinate capacity building, strategic partnerships, collaborations, networking, representation in policy and decision-making processes, real time database, articulating and sharing policies, and facilitate information sharing. Value we add for our members:

  • Broaden national cooperation and collaboration and provide a learning platform for members to improve the impact of their services.
  • Amplify the voice of NGOs and provide reach to the national, regional and global international forum.
  • Harness resources from diversified streams.
  • Capacity to enhance the overall impact of members by providing direct linkage to a broad network of like minded institutions, health sector ecosystem and infrastructure and evidence-based advocacy.
  • Enhanced availability of resources both financial and human which enables the members to pursue higher goals.
  • Access to local and broad-based knowledge resources and evidence from the diverse members.
  • Strengthens voice and legitimacy, enables sharing of responsibilities and risks for organizations that work advocacy issues such as anti-corruption and human rights.
  • Ability to maximize impacts because of strengthened bargaining power.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Targeted and Evidence Based Advocacy and Policy Engagement.
  • Networking, Co-Ordination & Collaboration.
  • Capacity Development and Sustainability.
  • Research and Knowledge Management.
  • Stronger and Sustainable HENNET Secretariat.