Advocacy for Improved and sustained uptake of RMNCH+N services Project funded by PAI-International.

June to December 2022

Objective: Strengthening Coordination and Capacity Building of Health CSOs to be able to hold both National and County Governments Accountable and intensify advocacy for increased and sustained    domestic financing of RMNCAH services.


CSOs initiated the development of a comprehensive Kenya Health and Nutrition CSO Engagement Framework that is all inclusive of RMNCAH+N and other scopes of health including HIV/TB among others. An initial meeting was held by HENNET and over 50 participants were engaged. A consultant who supported development of the Zimbwabe CSO Engagement Framework, took CSO present through the rationale of the development process and key partners that need to be engaged in the development of the overall engagement strategy.

A CSO RMNCAH+N Scorecard developed in 2021 was disseminated to members of the Kenya RMNCAH+N coordination group.

The case study commissioned by PAI for HENNET on Progress made in the implementation of the Kenya RMNCAH+N investment framework through the GFF partnership, civil society and other stakeholders was disseminated and launched to members of the Kenya RMNCAH+N coordination group. The findings on FP were further presented to a global audience during the ICFP 2022. The case study was also uploaded on the PAI website for reference by Kenyans and other GFF implementing countries.

Rwanda having recently joined the GFF Country Platform and awarded the GFF grant, the Rwanda NGOs forum were keen to learn from best practices from across different countries. Kenya and in particular HENNET was top of mind for this learning. The officials of the forum therefore visited Kenya and requested a knowledge sharing session with the HENNET secretariat. From the many lessons learned and shared, one key take away was the formation of the RMNCAH+N Coordination group where important advocacy matters are tabled and addressed. Despite having taken time, the RMNCAH+N MCP was formed for a multi-sectoral approach of addressing key issues facing mother, children, adolescents and youth. Involvement of the council of governors and working closely with parliamentary and senate champions was key in achieving some mentioned RMNCAH+N challenges.

Youth Involvement and support through the project

HENNET was been deliberate in engaging and supporting the Organization of African Youth (OAY) and Y+Plus which were youth organizations implementing the GFF CSO grants in Kenya in 2022.

Representatives of the two organizations sitting on the (Organization of African Youth and Y+Plus) were invited and supported attend RMNCAH+N Coordination group meetings for them to present their voices in person on the table. HENNET was been keen engage them in the review of key documents such as the evaluation report developed by a consultant.

HENNET supported OAY in the development of their SRHR advocacy strategy. The HENNET director among other partners from PATH offered expert support to OAY to revamp and firm up their strategy, disseminate and launch it.

HENNET supported Y+Plus in the development of their Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) questionnaire to guide their data collection to meet their project deliverables


2022 being a year of political transition in Kenya, activities in the country slowed down because of the political temperature caused by the campaigns and preparations for fresh presidential and all the other offices of leadership. From previous election years, there was tension in the country because of potential violence erupting in different parts of the country. However, we are glad to report that Kenya demonstrated great maturity pre, during and after the elections. There was minimal to almost no chaos except for a few expressions of disappointment of the supporters of the party that lost the elections

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